Last updated:5/3/2022


This is Restaurantintra's custom native mobile app aimed for its customer restaurants' staff and administrators.


The application requires you to login. In order to login you need an account. You can receive one from an administrator.

The app has four separate pages: The staff card that presents the user their staff card (given that they have one), the knowledge base that lists all the articles the user can read, the calendar that lists all events of one week from a single restaurant and the contacts page that lists all internal and external contacts of a single restaurant. You can navigate from one page to another by using the buttons from the bottom of the application.

The app also includes a side menu that the user can open by either touching the menu icon from the topleft corner at any view or by swiping the app from left to right. This menu features five links. Home takes the user to the basic view that features all four main pages of the app mentioned above. Info about app opens a page that lists basic information about the application. Doc opens this particular site that provides the user with a usage manual of the application. Feedback opens a page that allows the user to send us feedback of the application. Logout allows the user to change the active user.