Last updated:4/4/2022



Analytics is a tool only available for administrators, restaurant managers and read-only users.

Analyticstool lets you view your restaurant's results within a chosen timeline of one or more months as well as make downloadable and printable graphs. All results from one particular month are viewable within Monthly results section. Compare results tool lets you view several months worth of results at once.

The charts in this page list five different values of your currently chosen restaurant day by day. The values shown are budget, sales both without and with value added tax (VAT), customers count and efficiency. In addition, the chart also specifies all sum-type custom fields currently linked to the chosen restaurant.

Adjusting the chart view

Besides the timeframe from which the results will be shown, both graph tools use identical user interface.

Graphs are viewable in two different types: Bar chart and line chart. You can change the shown chart type from the Chart type option in the toolbar you can find from the upper right corner. The results are available starting from January 2020 until to this day. If current month is chosen within the timeline, only results until today are shown rather than the whole month.

Hovering mouse on top of the graph in desktop view and clicking the graph on top of a particular day in mobile view will highlight all active values from that date in a tooltip. Dragging the mouse in desktop view lets you zoom in the graph to view smaller range of days. The minimum amount of days shown is always 6. Zooming in makes the Reset zoom button appear in the upper right corner. While zoomed in, you can drag the graph left and right while holding down the shift button. Labels can be enabled and disabled one by one by clicking them under the graph.

You can also view the graphs in full screen mode, print them as well as download them as various file formats. These options are available inside the hamburger menu in the upper right corner. There are four different file formats available at this time: PNG, JPG, PDF and SVG.

Monthly results

Monthly results tool lets you view all results of your restaurant from one month. If the chosen month is the current one, only results until this day are shown. The current month is chosen by default, but you can change to another month by changing the options from the upper corner of this page. You can also change between line chart and a bar chart, whichever you prefer. Monthly results use line chart option by default.

Compare results

This page shows you several months (at least two) at once. From option in your option bar lets you pick the month and year from where the result graph should start drawing. Changing the To option changes the date until when the timeline should be shown in the graph. Compare results uses the bar chart option by default.