Last updated:4/4/2022



Dashboard is the front view of Restaurantintra for administrators, restaurant manages and read only users.

Dashboard presents important data about the active restaurant from a week at a time which the ongoing week by default. The currently shown week can be changed to the previous, current or next week by using the three buttons at the right end of the command bar. Data is shown side by side in three separate views - the budget table, the chart as well as the events list.

There are three tool buttons at the left end of the command bar. The refresh button refreshes the page. The Report sales button takes you to the Sales reports page in which you can create a new sales report. The Create budget button takes you to the Budgets page where you can mark down daily budgets.

The top part includes a table, enlisting the week's results on a daily basis.


The columns shown in this table by default can be changed at technical support level. Should you want the table to show different values, please open a ticket at our technical support site.

The bottom left part renders a bar chart statistics of sales figures for the week, keeping track of the budget, sales with and without value added tax (VAT).

The bottom right part lists events for the week marked by the calendar tool.