Last updated:4/4/2022


Reports section lets you manage budgets and sales reports for your restaurant.

Reports and Budgets pages both have a table view to all users except shift managers. The data is listed day by day grouped by their week, one month at a time. The month that is currently shown can be changed from the dropdown boxes located in the topright corner. The currently shown month by default is the ongoing month. All columns of the table are shown by default but in case you'd like to hide some of them you can do that from the panel that is hidden behind the Edit columns button next to the month- and yearpickers. You can also save both tables into Excel files by clicking the Export to Excel button.


The data shown can be custom tailored according to your needs by the technical support. Options include changing the columns that appear by default as well as color codes. A color code is a good indicator to show, for instance, how relatively high the efficiency for a particular date is. If you're interested in exploring such additions, please be in contact with our technical support.

Sales reports

Sales reports page lists each date from a single date and their budget, sales with and without value added tax (VAT), work hours, efficiency, customers count, message and all the possible custom fields that the administrator might have linked to the restaurant. These reports are sent automatically and periodically depending on the values inputted by the administrator to all the email addresses that have been listed in the recipient listing inside the administrator view.

Adding a report

There is a New report button in the command bar. Clicking it opens a panel that lets you create a new sales report. Choose a date of which you want to make the report. Fill in the sales figures with and without value added tax (VAT) below as they are necessary information. You can fill in the amount of customers, working hours and all the custom fields assigned to the restaurant if you have the information. You can also add a message. After you've filled in all the necessary data click the Submit button to create the report.


You can only create new reports in this view. If a date already has data assigned to it, you cannot make a new report for that date.

Editing a report

By clicking any particular date you can open a panel that lists all statistics for that date. By clicking the Send report button at the bottom of the panel you can send a report with all these statistics to all the email addresses listed in the administrator's recipient list for that restaurant. The Edit button at the bottom opens all the input fields containing the statistics, after which you can edit the information to your liking. After you're done making changes save them by clicking the Submit button at the bottom.


Budgets page lists all budgets, work hours and the message by day from the chosen month, grouped by week.

Adding and editing a budget

Clicking a row lets you add or edit the budget for that date, depending on if there is already data inputted.