Last updated:5/4/2022

Knowledge base articles

This page contains a list of all the articles. Administrators can, in addition to viewing the existing articles, create new ones as well as edit and delete existing ones.

Creating a new article

Clicking the Add knowledge base article button opens a new view where you can start writing a new article. Give it a proper name and content in the text editing field. When you're done, click the Save button in the command bar to save the article to the website.


The article won't be added to the database before you click Save at least once. Name is required for the article in order to save.


You can't add attachments to your article in this view. You need to save it first and then open the edit article page to add them.

Editing an article

To edit an article, click the radio button that is located to the left of an article's name. Once you've chosen an article to edit, the Edit knowledge base article button on the command bar should be clickable. Clicking it brings you to the view that is almost identical to the Add knowledge base article view. Here you can see and change the name and content of the article to your liking. In addition, you can add attachments by accessing the Attachments tab under the title. Don't forget to save when you're done editing!

Viewing an article

Clicking the View article button from the command bar lets you read the chosen article. This button takes you back to the employee side of the site.

Remove an article

To delete an article, activate it first by clicking the radio button located left from its name, after which the Remove knowledge base article button in the command bar should activate. Click this button to delete the article.


If you ever need to recover an already removed article for any reason, you need to open a ticket at our technical support site.

Managing user permissions

Sometimes you might want only for specific user roles to have an exclusive access to your article. In this case activate your article by clicking the radio button next to it, then click the now activated Manage Permissions button from the command bar. This should open a panel which allows you to manage role specific permissions. First toggle on the Enable role based authorization switch. This activates the dropdown menu below that lists all the different user roles available with a checkbox next to them. Check any boxes of the roles to which you want to grant viewing access to the article. Remember to save changes by clicking the Submit button on the bottom!


This setting only determines the viewing rights of an article. Only administrators can manage article content always.


The Admin checkbox cannot be checked off by design. Administrators always have access to all articles and their management tools.