Last updated:5/4/2022

Email reporting settings

Email reporting tool allows administrators to create listings of contacts who receive a financial report periodically at a given time frame.

There are two kinds of reports: immediate and timed.

Immediate reports are recognized by the Immediately schedule type. Immediate reports are sent automatically whenever you click the Send report button availble from the employee interface's reports table.

Timed reports are automatically sent by the system periodically depending on its values. They are further divided into Daily reports and Weekly reports.

Daily reports behave in one of two ways depending on their release schedule. Daily reports registered to be sent before 12 a.m. will always cover yesterday's data. Daily reports that are to be sent at 12 a.m. or after always cover data from the ongoing day.

Weekly reports always cover data from the previous week regardless of what time frame the report is set to be sent.

Adding a reporting

Clicking the Add button in the command bar opens the Add email reporting panel. The panel first asks you for the type of scheduling you want to provide. In case you seek to add either a daily or weekly report, the panel also asks for the time frame in which the report is automatically sent. In addition, you need to provide all the restaurants in which you can file that report and all the recipient a.k.a email addresses that will receive all the reports produced by this automation. You need to provide at least one of both to save the reporting. In order to do that, click the Submit button at the bottom.


The schedule type, time information and the restaurants list are all permanent values. You can't change them later. To provide a reporting with different values, you need to create a new one.

Editing a reporting

Clicking the Edit button in the command bar while having activated a reporting by first clicking the radio button next to its name opens the editing panel. The only information you can edit in an existing reporting is the recipient listing.

Removing a reporting

To remove a reporting, first activate it by clicking the radio button next to its name and then click the now activated Remove button.


If you ever wish to retrieve an already removed reporting, you need to open a ticket at our technical support site.