Last updated:5/3/2022

Staff card template settings


This feature is under construction. All planned functionalities are not yet available. To learn more please contact our technical support team.

Staff card templates feature allows the user to edit existing models that are used to build staff cards for employees. Creating new templates and editing their styles are currently only accessible by our technical support team. Should you want a new staff card template for your restaurant to use or edit the styles of an existing one, please be in contact with our technical support team.

A staff card has a logo, background image and two colors, primary and secondary. The outlook for the card is built upon these four factors.

At this moment the only feature in this page accessible by administrators is editing benefits for a staff card. While a staff card is chosen, its benefits can be edited by clicking the Edit staff card benefits button at the command bar. A new panel opens where benefits can be freely edited at the content text area. Should you make any changes don't forget to save them by clicking the Submit button below.