Last updated:4/4/2022

Restaurant settings

Restaurants admin page lists all restaurants registered to Restaurantintra service.

Adding a new restaurant

Clicking the Add button in the command bar opens a panel that contains three input values. Out of them name is a required field. There are also two dropdown menus: Culture and Time zone. The culture value of a restaurant determines e.g. the currency it uses etc. In order to actually create the restaurant click the Submit button located at the bottom.

Editing a restaurant

To edit an existing restaurant, activate it first by clicking the radio button next to its name and only then click the Edit restaurant button from the command bar. A panel opens which contains the same three input fields as when you were creating a new restaurant. All the fields here are editable. Don't forget to save changes by clicking the Submit button at the bottom.

Custom fields

Custom fields are aimed at those who seek the option to save additional trackable information about their restaurant. These fields are tracked and saved in reports. Clicking the Edit custom fields button while having a restaurant activated opens a new page that lists all custom fields for that restaurant. In this view you can add, edit and delete custom fields.


Removing an existing custom field will make all reports associated by that value read-only. Be extremely cautious when deleting custom fields.

Removing a restaurant

To remove a restaurant, you first need to activate a restaurant and only then click the now activated Remove button at the command bar.


If you ever wish to retrieve an already removed restaurant, you need to open a ticket at our technical support site.